1. At present only Manufacturers are considered for registration. Other type of vendors like Dealers, Distributors and Traders are not considered now.
  2. Vendor should have a legally valid CLASS III digital certificates (i) Digital Signature,non-repudiation certificate(used for Signing) and (ii) Key Encipherment Certificate (used for encrypting Bid Document) with Organization name from any of the licensed Certifying Authorities (CA) operating under the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI), Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) of India.
  3. Vendors are requested to attach the following scanned copies of the original documents prescribed below, along with the filled in application.
    • Fields marked with*are mandatory.

    • * Product Brochure/Literature/Details of the entire range of your products manufactured by your company and specified in this application, product details to be attached. It should carry the company name, postal address, contact details, website address, email ID, etc., MATCHING WITH ONLINE FORM.
    • * Copies of authenticated Purchase Orders issued on your company by GOVT/PSU/Public Ltd, Quasi Govt. Undertakings & Reputed Private firms for supply of items indicated in your product details should be attached. TOTAL VALUE OF P.O SHOULD BE VISIBLE.
    • * Audited Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement for the IMMEDIATE PAST THREE years presently, FY 2015-16, FY 2016-17 & FY 2017-18 are to be attached.It is to be certified by Chartered Accountant with seal & signature and signed by authorized signatory of the company/Firm in PDF.
    • * Factory Registration/License, DIC/SSI/MSME/NSIC/UAN Certificate showing that your company is in the line of manufacture of products specified in this application is to be attached.
    • * In case of Limited companies, Certificate of Incorporation issued by Registrar of Companies for Private / Public Limited Companies should be attached. Corporate Identity Number(CIN) should be clear & readable. CIN SHOULD BE ENTERED IN FORM.
    • * GST registration Certificate - Scanned copy of original document is to be attached.
    • * Undertaking Certificate, in the firms letter head  Click here To View Format as per NLCIL's format to be attached (with signature & seal) Letter Head should have name of the firm, registered & work address with contact details.
    • * Pan Card - Scanned copy of original document is to be attached.
    • * Chartered Accountant/Chartered Engineer certified DETAILED list of machineries installed in your company/Factory/Work area is to be attached. THIS IS NOT ASSET CERTIFICATE.
    • Copies for a)License capacity in Rs. b)Foreign collaboration, if any.
    • Accreditation details.
    • Certificate of Incorporation for "Limited" companies.
    • Community Certificate for SC/ST vendor.
    • Copy of R & D facility, if available.
    • Documents of type PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint shall only be uploaded and each file should not exceed 5MB.
    • Total file size should not exceed 10 MB.
    • Please don't attach ZIP files.

  4. NLCIL does not charge any fees for registration at present.
  5. Incomplete application forms will be rejected.
  6. Vendors will be considered for registration only if their product is required for NLCIL.
  7. Registered vendors will be intimated by email as and when their application either approved or rejected.
  8. NLCIL reserves the right to accept or reject vendor application for registration.

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